Aircraft Maintenance Stands and GSE

We provide high quality aircraft maintenance stands built to military specifications. Our aircraft maintenance stands and peculiar GSE for military installations and Military MRO’s are used around the world.  

Our maintenance stands are made from lightweight aluminum with industrial grade casters that enable the work platform to be easily maneuverable by 1 to 2 military aviation personnel. All of our maintenance platforms are OSHA and AFOSH compliant providing the highest level of safety for your technicians. Allowing a peace of mind while performing aircraft service and maintenance.

Our work platforms are built to be corrosion resistant for the harshest environments.  Electrical circuits and connections as well as compressed air piping is installed on all of our stands. We also have optional explosion proof electrical circuitry and lighting for stands used in a hazardous environment. 

We have experience working with the Unites States Navy, United States Air Force, United States Army, Air National Guard and the United States Marines.

ASE’s CAGE code is 7Z9A1 and DUNS 080913316.

  • OSHA-compliant designs ensure the safety of your aircraft maintenance personnel
  • High strength, fully welded construction from aluminum and or steel (per requirement)
  • Platforms designed for easy maneuverability by personnel
  • Deck sliders to extend and conform to the contour of the aircraft for additional Fall-Protection
  • Sliders/deck extenders contain rubber bumpers to protect skin of aircraft 
  • Stands can be ordered as a fixed height
  • Options to also be deployable if shipping to various bases is needed
  • Standard Maintenance Stand jacking system with 20” height adjustability
  • Industrial grade swivel casters with position locks and brakes
  • Solid deck construction, anti-bounce tread that allows for self-drainage
  • Omni-directional tread plate
  • Electrical and air line connections mounted for easy access by staff
  • UL approved components for hazardous environment usage – (Explosion proof lighting & Electrical)
  • Lightweight aluminum constructed translating staircase with grip strut
  • Safety yellow powder coated handrails

Our stands are built to last as well as being easy to operate for the personnel using them.  

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