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Our Steps

Initial Consultation

Our first step in the process is the initial consultation, ASE comes to your location so we have the exact requirements and needs for the project. This is an important factor to create the relationship and the familiarity of who are clients are working with on the project. We take the direct measurements of your airplane, helicopter and the work space that the equipment will be used. During this consultation we will talk about options to improve work efficiency through the added safety of fall protection maintenance platforms while your technicians are working with their feet off the ground.

Design Creation

After the consultation, ASE’s in-house design team will start to create a plan for a maintenance platform that will get the technician safely to the aircraft work area. The design takes shape with the thought of protecting the technician and the aircraft at all times. Our aircraft maintenance platforms are OSHA compliant that meet or exceed the safety standards of all of our clients. Once the design is completed, ASE, provides a CAD model to discuss the design and specifics.  Once the parties agree on the design, we provide the estimate for the project.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

Once we receive a P.O., our in-house fabricators start to build the custom work platforms. Our quality assurance manager follows the project the entire step of the way adhering to our Quality Management System standards. All of our fabrication and manufacturing is done from our headquarters in Fort Pierce, FL. We take great pride in our craftsmanship and stamping our products proudly as Made in the USA.


After completion, our quality assurance manager prepares the maintenance platforms for the final stages which is shipping.  ASE has a logistics network that delivers our GSE and aircraft maintenance platforms worldwide.

Installation and Training

ASE believes in 100% customer satisfaction and this continues with the installation of the maintenance platforms.  We will have staff on site to provide installation along with training the technicians that will use the equipment on a daily bas

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